Friday, October 31, 2008

Fallout 3 Completed: High Brow Review to Follow (Maybe)

Oh that's right. Fallout 3 has been slain and started again. I'm considering taking a slightly different approach to the review this time around which may take more time and energy than the Fable review (which makes it somewhat unlikely that I'll actually do this). I may attempt a sort of critical analysis of the Fallout 3 experience instead of only sharing my judgments regarding game mechanics and plot flow. The only reason I'd do this is if I thought there was something in the game itself which warranted analysis of this sort and I do believe that Fallout has it. Something that requires closer scrutiny to truly appreciate and be able to share with others.

I may instead write a Dead Space review and put this off a little longer while I think about what kind of angle I want to take while attacking this beast of a game. Only time will tell.

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