Thursday, October 23, 2008

Soccer: infinite pain, no gain

Last night was the final game of the session... That's right. No more pain for 8 weeks. My knee may actually get a chance to heal properly (or at least as properly as me not going to the doctor will allow it to heal) so yay for that. More good news, we won our final game by a large margin, despite brandon's awful terrible play. My amazing goal streak extended to two entire games! This is entirely due to the fact that I'm amazing at soccer. So effing amazing. And you all missed it.

The reason we won't be playing again for 8 weeks is that the next session is apparently full, girls are whiney, and everyone else is stingy. Ahh well... I'm over it. It's the only way we can go 8 weeks without losing a game in an embarassing fashion.

Here's the advice I got from my philosophy adviser, paraphrased of course:

"don't fail so hard"

I think I will take that advice but it may be too late...


bkop said...

1) I still scored despite my epic failure
2) What about my foot healing?
3) What about my head getting bashed by a soccer ball?

shabowsk said...

I am commenting simply to stop it from saying "1 comments" at the bottom of your post. Poor grammar has no place on the internet...