Wednesday, October 22, 2008

This is Your Life

First things first... I'm posting from an iPod so any complaints about spelling will be met with a slow death. Second, if you don't like whatever it is that I decide to write about on any particular day then please, PLEASE tell me about it. I'm sure you're a terrible person and I will derive much pleasure from metaphorically eviscerating you. As was previously hinted at the theme of this blog will be somewhere between "I hate everyone and everything" and "whatever." a more cohesive theme may develop over time but it's far more likely that this blog will fall into a state of disrepair.

While I can't tell you the overall theme right now, I can tell you what you can expect to see rather frequently. This list of topics includes video games, politics, tv, movies, philosophy (mostly how it sucks and I'm bad at it), and a good deal of complaining.

The hour is late and my food has arrived so i'll leave you with this final thought... Each and every one of you knows someone that should die in a fire. If you don't then it's you.


bkop said...

yay dying in fires! link my blog in yours please Mr. Ninja!

uhhh Angie, duh said...

why did you all steal my template. Get your own template.